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Welcome to the

Belgian Society for Neuroscience,

member of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)

Benefits of the membership

Members of the BSN are automatically also members of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS). This entitles BSN members to a free online access to the European Journal of Neuroscience, reduced registration fees for the FENS meetings, and reduced sub-scription fees to several neuroscience journals.

We are pleased to announce that 6 travel grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to PhD students, members of the BSN, for participation to the FENS 2014 meeting. The candidates must submit (as a single PDF file) a full CV, a letter of recommendation from their lab director, the abstract submitted and a proof of its submission, no later than 23:59 on February 9th 2014 via an upload to this hyperlink, using "BSN" (without quotes) as password. The PDF filename must contain your family name. The submissions will be reviewed by the members of the board of the society.

Besides the present webpage, the Belgian Society for Neuroscience has a monthly newsletter. If you do not (yet) receive the BSN and FENS electronic newsletters you should , our secretariat and update your e-mail address or membership. Please don't forget to notify us of of any address changes or of a change in your professional status.

We need your support

The BSN depends on the continued support of its existing members and hopefully also of new members. Please invite any non-member Belgian neuroscientists to learn more about BSN and to join it.

How to pay membership fee 2014

The membership fee are as follows (as you will see you, we proposed fees at reduced rates for two years to benefit both from the FENS 2014 and the BSN 2015 meetings:

Please pay the following membership fee:

by bank transfer to the BSN account ING
IBAN BE29 3101 0822 0764

Please make also sure that we have your correct address information so that we can trace your payment. Send changed address information or requests for new memberships to Ms Michèle De Baerdemaeker: ,

New memberships: e-mails needed

We welcome all our new members and remind them to provide their full coordinates, including the e-mail address to the secretariat.

Members of the board

SECRETARIAT (except for membership, fee payments, and email updates):

Prof. Michele Giugliano
Ms Pat Vermeiren
Theoretical Neurobiology and Neuroenineering Laboratory
Universiteitsplein 1, CDE-T6 2610 Wilrijk
Tel.: +32 3 265 2669

Useful information and pointers

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