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The Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting

June 30 - July 5, 2001, San Francisco and Pacific Grove, California

CNS*01 Organizing Committee

Meeting Chair: Jim Bower, Caltech

Government Liaison:Dennis Glanzman, NIMH/NIH

Workshop Organizer:Maneesh Sahani, University College, London

Program Committee

Avrama Blackwell, George Mason University

Upinder Bhalla, National Centre for Biological Sciences

Victoria Booth, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Erik De Schutter, University of Antwerp

John Hertz, Nordita

Chip Levy, University of Virginia

Ray Glantz, Rice University

David Horn, University of Tel Aviv

Steven J. Schiff, George Mason University

Conference Support

Conference Administrator: Judy Macias, Caltech

Webmaster: Iljie Kim, Caltech and Numedeon