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Read me first!

We need some personal data for your identification, applications and submissions. We created a database holding user information to relieve you of multiple completion of vast forms. The user information will be copied from your record whenever needed.

For security, the system is username-password based. For this reason you must register first in the LOGON section. Fill in the form, check it and SUBMIT once. After successful completion of the form (and any time you update your data) you will be acknowledged automatically with an e-mail containing your record. You do not need to answer this e-mail, just check the data, please.

Your username is composed of Surname, First Name and a year (4 digit). This year can be whatever is important to you, date of birth, marriage, year of independence, good wine-year...
Capitals will become lower case and spaces are removed (so Micky Mouse will become mousemickey1928).

If you forgot your password, fill in the Username field and click the FORGOTTEN button. Your password will be sent to you by e-mail.

Your data are secured and accessible only to authorized persons and you. You can inspect or adjust all information you provided at any time (after Logon). All the provided information is treated confidential.

You need to logon to: