CNS2001 Workshop: Complex nonlinear neural dynamics

From: Peter Andras (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 14:04:54 CEST

Dear Colleague,

We are organizing the following workshop at the CNS 2001 on July 5. (CNS
web-site:; workshop web-site:
l) For location and participation information see the CNS website.

Title: Complex nonlinear neural dynamics

Organized by P. Andras, A. Assadi, R. Kozma, T. Wennekers and D. L. Demaris.

Studying nonlinear, dynamical aspects of information processing and memory
in biological and computational neural systems has attracted a lot of
attention in recent years. This session aims at giving a forum to reserchers
interested in this field introducing their results and discussing new
developments in this area. The major questions addressed at this session
will be:

What evidence do we have that indicates that neurons, neural circuits or
brain components have functionally meaningful complex nonlinear dynamic or
chaotic activity ? How should we interpret these experimental results ?

What is the role of noise in the operation of biological systems? How does
noise contribute to the stability of complex nonlinear systems in biology
and in computational models?

What are the most promising approaches to the analysis of complex nonlinear
dynamics in neural network models ? What spatio-temporal features indicate
complex behavior? What new insights are provided by the analysis of lattices
of coupled nonlinear maps ? Is symbolic dynamics the right conceptual
framework to describe the dynamical macro-behavior of neural systems ?

How does the chaotic dynamics analysed in the context of some neural network
models correspond to the complex spatio-temporal dynamical effects observed
in biological brains ? What are the established links between the two kinds
of complex neural dynamics and what are the gaps that are waiting to be
bridged ? Is it essential to have complex nonlinear dynamics in the neural
system to perform computation or would it be more advantageous to do it
without any chaos ? Is it possible that chaos is just a side effect from the
point of view of neural computation ?

Best regards,

Peter Andras

Dr Peter Andras
Research Associate
Neural Systems Group
Department of Psychology
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Newcastle upon Tyne

tel. +44-191-2225790
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