Electronic submissions for JCNS

From: G. Bard Ermentrout (bard@math.pitt.edu)
Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 10:37:57 CET

Announcing electronic manuscript submission and review for
The Journal of Computational Neuroscience

Kluwer Academic Publishers is very pleased to announce an agreement with
Aries Systems Inc for making use of their fully customized, web-enabled
manuscript submission, review and tracking system. Starting December 17,
2001, The Journal of Computational Neuroscience will start to accept
online submissions and provide online review services. Authors,
editors and reviewers can make use of this system via a special
click-able button - My Manuscripts - on the journal's home page


Processing of manuscripts and communications with authors, editors and
reviewers will be entirely electronic. This will reduce the review time
substantially as no time is lost in the mail. Authors can submit
manuscripts using computer programs they are familiar with, as the
system automatically converts, on the fly, submission source files
from Word, WordPerfect, .RTF, LaTeX2e, text files, Adobe Postscript
files, PDF files, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PICT graphic files into a single
PDF for review distribution. Authors are also entitled to download
this PDF file for their own use. Authors can check the status of their
manuscripts 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Role-based (author, editor, reviewer, publisher) security and
confidentially is ensured by requiring a user name and password. (The
system automatically generates a password when submitting a new
manuscript and people can select their own user name). This role-based
configuration limits access to a person's role and enables a single-
or double-blind review system.

Journal of Computational Neuroscience will consider manuscripts either
sent by mail or electronically. Manuscripts sent by mail should
contain a floppy disk with the electronic file so that the Editorial
Office staff can enter the manuscript into the review system and
handle it by proxy. Should you have any queries or encounter any
problems, please do not hesitate to contact

Ms Karen Cullen
e-mail: karen.cullen@wkap.com
tel: +1 781 871 6600

After extensive internal and external testing of this online
submission, review and tracking system we are confident that the
service to our authors, editors and reviewers is considerably
improved. Your support and cooperation is very much appreciated.

Bard Ermentrout
Barry Richmond


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