NIPS*2002 call for demos

From: Zoubin Ghahramani (
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 00:57:45 CEST

              *** New at NIPS: Demonstrations Track ***

                       CALL FOR DEMONSTRATIONS
                Neural Information Processing Systems
                         Natural and Synthetic
          Monday, December 9 -- Saturday December 14, 2002
                 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

For the first time, the Neural Information Processing Systems
conference will include a separate track for demonstrations. The
demonstrations will take place in parallel with the poster sessions at
the NIPS*2002 conference. Example areas of interest for the
demonstrations track include but are by no means limited to the

Analog and digital VLSI

Neuromorphic Engineering

Computational sensors and actuators


bioMEMS (microelectromechanical systems)

Biomedical instrumentation

Neural prostheses


Real-time multimedia systems

Large-scale neural emulators

Software demonstrations of novel algorithms

NIPS is an interdisciplinary conference, which attracts cognitive
scientists, computer scientists, engineers, neuroscientists,
physicists, statisticians, and mathematicians interested in all
aspects of neural and statistical processing and computation. The
demonstration track enables researchers to highlight scientific
advances, systems, and technologies in ways that go beyond
conventional poster presentations. It will provide a unique forum for
demonstrating advanced technologies (hardware and software), and
fostering the direct exchange of knowledge. We hope that this track
will stimulate interactions between researchers from different fields
(for example, roboticists and neuromorphic engineers) and encourage
new colloboration between researchers in theoretical fields and those
in more applied fields. Submissions accepted in the demonstrations
track will be published on the NIPS web site, but will not appear in
printed proceedings. However, submitting your work to the
demonstration track by no means precludes the submission of a
companion paper to the regular NIPS conference. In fact, joint
submissions are very much encouraged. We also encourage authors
submitting demonstrations to consider organizing a workshop at
NIPS*2002. Note that the deadline for paper submissions is July 1,
2002, and for demonstration and workshop proposals the submission
deadline is August 9, 2002. Please see for further

There will be a separate room for these demonstrations and
participants will have access to power strips, tables and poster
boards. VCRs and monitors will also be provided on
request. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their
demonstration is sufficiently portable; additional hardware beyond
that specified above will not be provided by NIPS.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: All proposals for demonstrations will be
reviewed by the Demonstrations Co-Chairs. Interested parties should
submit a brief description of their proposed demonstration via email
by August 9, 2002. Proposals should include a title, description of
the device or system to be demonstrated, main results, novelty and
significance of the work, any related publications, and estimated
space requirements for the demonstration. Please include the name,
address, email address, phone and fax numbers for all co-authors on
the submmitted work, and indicate whether a related paper has also
been submitted to NIPS*2002.

Proposals should be emailed to, and should be in
plain ascii text, postscript or pdf.

Questions may be addressed to

Information about the main conference and the workshop program can be
found at

                            Shihab Shamma
                  Electrical Engineering Department &
        Institute for Systems Research University of Maryland
                            Shih-Chii Liu
                    Institute of Neuroinformatics,
                  University of Zurich & ETH Zurich

                  NIPS*2002 Demonstrations Co-Chairs

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