News from the Beyond Robotics initiative

Date: Tue Feb 04 2003 - 18:40:14 CET

Dear researcher

As you may already be aware, 'Beyond Robotics' is a new proactive initiative
launched by Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) arm of the IST Programme
as one of the first actions within the new EU Framework Programme. For full
information about the initiative including official and background
documents, please consult the website

This message summarises the most important news and issues of the

Information Days in Brussels on 13-14 January 2003

FET organised an FP6 Information Day on 13-14 January 2003 in Brussels. The
aim of the event was to inform prospective proposers of FET activities in
2003 and of the means for implementing of the new Framework Programme. The
event covered the new FET Proactive initiatives (Beyond Robotics, Complex
Systems Research and Disappearing Computer), FET Open Scheme as well as new
FP6 funding instruments, contractual issues, and proposal preparation.

In the 'Beyond Robotics' session, the three invited speeches were given by
Prof. Heinrich Buelthoff (MPI Biological Cybernetics, DE), Prof. Malik
Ghallab (LAAS-CNRS, FR) and Prof. Henrik Christensen (KTH, SE). There were
about 180 attendees in this session, and 26 of them gave a short
presentation of their project plans and visions, including offering or
inviting partnerships. Almost all the presentations are available at the FET
website Feel free to contact the proposers for

Additional possibilities for finding partners

The expressions of interest submitted to FET and other framework programme
priorities are searchable in the EoI database
( Among the EoI's submitted to the IST
Programme (domain of 1.1.2.) there are more than 50 robotics-related ones.
The European Robotics Research Network EURON ( and the network
on Neuro-IT ( have a wide membership across the research
areas relevant for the initiative. In addition, there is also a general
partner search facility under the Cordis website


Preproposals for the FET proactive initiatives can now be sent any time
until 28 February. Preproposal screening is a service from the Commission
to potential proposers. Its purpose is to provide feedback (within two weeks
from submission) to the consortium whether or not the proposal is formally
eligible and if it seems to be in the scope of the initiative. Submitting a
preproposal is not mandatory but strongly recommended. For guidance on how
to submit a preproposal, see

Timetable for submission and evaluation of proposals

The deadline for proposal submissions is 24 April 2003. The evaluation
sessions will be organised in the week of 19 May and 10 June, the latter
being reserved for hearings of the proposals. Contract negotiations with the
retained proposals will be conducted in July - September and the projects
can possibly start in late autumn 2003.

FET is looking for experts for evaluating Beyond Robotics and other
The Commission has issued a call for independent experts for evaluation of
proposals, and monitoring and reviewing of projects. Please support the
quality of our evaluations by registering yourself and/or encouraging the
experts you know to register (for information and registration, go to
For further information feel free to contact us via

Best regards,

Pekka Karp
Coordinator of the Beyond Robotics initiative
Future and Emerging Technologies
European Commission DG INFSO
Tel: +32 2 296 02 88
Fax: +32 2 296 83 97

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would be of interest to you. If you do not wish to receive e-mail messages
from us in the future, please reply to this message with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in
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name from the list promptly.

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