paper available: model of complex cells in V1

From: Laurenz Wiskott (
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 14:57:34 CET

                       SLOW FEATURE ANALYSIS YIELDS

                   by Pietro Berkes and Laurenz Wiskott

In this study, we investigate temporal slowness as a learning principle for
receptive fields using slow feature analysis, a new algorithm to determine
functions that extract slowly varying signals from the input data. We find
that the learned functions trained on image sequences develop many
properties found also experimentally in complex cells of primary visual
cortex, such as direction selectivity, non-orthogonal inhibition,
end-inhibition and side-inhibition. Our results demonstrate that a single
unsupervised learning principle can account for such a rich repertoire of
receptive field properties.

Available from:

Berkes, P. and Wiskott, L. (2003).
Slow feature analysis yields a rich repertoire of complex-cell properties.
Cognitive Sciences EPrint Archive (CogPrint) 2785,,
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Additional Information:

Dr. Laurenz Wiskott, Institute for Theoretical Biology, Berlin

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