CNS Workshop "Cellular and Sub-cellular Models of Excitable Cells"

From: pete roper (
Date: Wed Jul 14 2004 - 18:45:06 CEST

We wish to announce the workshop "Cellular and Sub-cellular Models of
Excitable Cells", to be held at the CNS'04 conference in Baltimore, MD,
USA 22nd July 2004. The website for the workshop is found at:

This workshop will be a forum for discussing and understanding realistic
models of biological processes in excitable cells. The three main themes

(1) whole cell models: including spatially extended dendritic structures,
biochemical cascades and glycolitic oscillations

(2) calcium release and diffusion, from single site release through to
diffusion in synaptic boutons.

(3) how excitability, feedback and background input affect neural coding.

The workshop will run all day, and will be held in the same venue as the
main CNS meeting. There is no fee for the workshop, beyond the cost of
registering for the CNS meeting.

The speaker list and programme outline is

Session 1: Whole cell models
Chair: Peter Roper

9:00 Introduction and welcome

09:10 John Byrne "Computational Models of Neuronal Excitability,
Memory Induction and Circadian Rhythms"

10:00 Brent Doiron "Differential modulation of burst discharge via
somatic and dendritic K+ channels"

10:30 Coffee Break

10:50 Fernanda Saraga "Active dendrites and spike propagation in
multi-compartment models of hippocampal interneurons"

11:15 Arthur Sherman "Pulsatile Insulin Secretion - How and Why"

11:40 Lunch

Session 2: Calcium Release and Diffusion
Chair: Arthur Sherman

13:00 Gregory Smith "Stochastic Automata Network Models of
Instantaneously-Coupled Intracellular Calcium Channels"

13:50 Yulia Timofeeva "Sparks and waves in a fire-diffuse-fire framework
for calcium release"

14:15 Chris Fall "An intracellular Ca subsystem as a biologically
plausible source of intrinsic bistability in a network model of working

14:40 Victor Matveev "Synaptic facilitation through saturation of Ca2+
buffers: a computational study."

15:00 Coffee Break

Session 3: Neural Coding
Chair: Brent Doiron

15:30 Andre Longtin "Information transfer with excitable membranes"

16:20 Frances Chance "Effects of Background Input on the Temporal Dynamics
of Signal Transmission"

16:45 Joel Tabak "Relaxation oscillator models for cell/network bursting
with two types of negative feedback"

17:10 Finish

We look forward to seeing you there

Peter Roper
Brent Doiron
Arthur Sherman

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