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The FIS2005 - Third Conference on the Foundations of Information Science,
will be held in Paris the 4-7 July 2005.

This pluridisciplinary Conference offers 4 sessions:

Monday 4 July: Information in Physics and Chemistry.
               Data Banks and Data Mining.

Tuesday 5 July: Neural Information, Bioinformation and Bioinformatics,
                Biosemiotics, Information and the Codes of Life,
                Genomics, Biomedical Applications, Ecology.

Wednesday 6 July: Global Mathematical Aspects of Information:
                  Information Theory and Its Applications,
                  Networks, Symmetry, Agency, Semiotics.

Thursday 7 July: Trends in Information and Communication Sciences.
                 Open Access and the Information Society.
                 Economic, Social and Philosophical Aspects.

It includes a round table about:
<< Interdisciplinary Teaching and Information Science >>

The detailed programme is on:

*** Deadline to pay the reduced conference fee (200 Euros): 25 April 2005 ***

Other useful informations are available from the FIS2005 welcome page:

The FIS2005 Organizing Committee:

 Soren Brier (Denmark)
 Jerry Chandler (USA)
 John Collier (South Africa)
 Dail Doucette (USA)
 Ted Goranson (USA)
 Wolfgang Hofkirchner (Austria)
 Shu-Kun Lin (Switzerland)
 Pedro Marijuan (Spain)
 Koichiro Matsuno (Japan)
 Francis Muguet (France)
 Michel Petitjean (France, coordinator)

Michel Petitjean Email:
FIS2005 coordinator
Editor-in-Chief of Entropy
1 rue Guy de la Brosse Phone: +33 (0)1 44 27 48 57
75005 Paris, France. FAX : +33 (0)1 44 27 68 14

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