Scientific Programmer for Neural Simulation Software

From: Wolfgang Maass (
Date: Mon Oct 03 2005 - 15:45:25 CEST

Position for a Scientific Programmer

We have at our Institute in Graz an opening for a scientific programmer,
who will
develop efficient software for the parallel simulation of large neural
circuits, and
for carrying out learning experiments with such circuits. This software
will replace
and extend earlier software described on

This work will be carried out in collaboration with Dr. Thomas
in the framework of the 4-year EU Research project FACETS
The goal of this fairly large research project is the development of
detailed large scale
models of neural circuits and areas, whose properties will be explored
simulations on a Blue Gene Supercomputer and on new special-purpose
The salary for this position will be competitive.

We are looking for a programmer who has the abstraction capability to
design interfaces
between different software components, and the skill and dedication
needed for writing
software that runs efficiently. We also expect experience in software
in C++ and Linux, as well as experience in writing parallel software
and interprocess communication).

Interest or knowledge in computational neuroscience and/or machine learning
would be helpful
(in the case of scientific interest in these areas, a simultaneous
in our Phd-Program is possible).

Send your application by October 10 to

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maass
Institut fuer Grundlagen der Informationsverarbeitung
Technische Universitaet Graz
Inffeldgasse 16b ,   A-8010 Graz,  Austria
Tel.:  ++43/316/873-5811 
Fax   ++43/316/873-5805

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