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About the comp-neuro mail list
This moderated list is intended to address the broad range of research approaches and issues involved in the general field of computational neuroscience. It is intended to allow interactions between experimental and theoretical neurobiologists along with computer scientists, bioinformaticians, engineers, cognitive scientists, physicists, and mathematicians interested in understanding how biological neural systems work. Postings to the mailing group can equally emphasize experimental, model-based, and more abstract theoretical approaches to understanding neurobiological computation. We also encourage contributions on neuroscience related databases, relevant analysis tools and software programs.

How to subscribe / unsubscribe to this mailing list:
To subscribe send an e-mail to with as first line of your message the words "subscribe comp-neuro", optionally followed by your email address if it is different from that in the message header.
To unsubscribe send an e-mail to with as first line of your message the words "unsubscribe comp-neuro", optionally followed by your email address if it is different from that in the message header.

To send mail to the mail list:
This is a closed list so you need to subscribe first. To send mail to everyone on the list, address it to: (no attachments please!)
Please make sure that the subject matches the content of your letter!

What to post to comp-neuro ?
  • The list is primarily intended to support the discussion of technical issues relating to computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics and neural computation in biological systems. Discussion of artificial neural networks and connectionist issues is more appropriate for other forums, such as the connectionists mailing list (Connectionists@CS.CMU.EDU).
  • Questions related to the actual use of software programs should be send to the mailing lists associated with each program. Announcements of new software packages or on-line neuroscience databases, major software upgrades, etc. can be send to this list. Questions related to which program is most suitable for a particular purpose may be submitted provided they are of enough general interest.
  • We encourage people to post the abstracts of their latest papers and tech reports.
  • Conferences and workshops may be announced on this list AT MOST twice: once to send out a call for papers, and once to remind non-authors about the registration deadline. If the full announcement is very long, it would be preferable to post a short version containing information about where to email for details or giving a URL for information on the web.
  • Requests for ADDITIONAL references. Please try to (a) demonstrate that you have already pursued the quick, obvious routes to finding the information you desire, and (b) give people something back in return for bothering them. The easiest way to do both these things is to FIRST do the library work to find the basic references, then POST these as part of your query.
  • Announcements of job openings, postdoctoral positions, or graduate studies related to computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics.
  • Short reviews of new text books related to computational neuroscience and neuroinformatics.
  • Please make your postings in the form of plain text, with no more than 80 characters per line, so that they may be viewed by any computer or operating system. We do not accept email attachments of any form.
  • Finally, please note that the use of the "reply" feature of your email program will send your reply to the "comp-neuro" list, NOT to the person who posted the message you are reading. If your response is more appropriately directed to an individual (request for a Tech Report etc.), please send a message directly to the intended party, rather than replying to the "comp-neuro" list.

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