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Workshop on Golgi cells in the cerebellum.
A Flemish-Romanian research collaboration.

University of Antwerp, CDE, Building R, room 0.19

30 November 2004


09:30-9:40 : Erik De Schutter : Introduction.

9:40-10:20 : Reinoud Maex : Golgi cells, synchronizers or de-synchronizers of the cerebellar cortex?

10:20-11:00 : Koen Tahon : Temporal characteristics of tactile stimuli influence the response profile of cerebellar Golgi cells.

11:00-11:20 : Coffee break

11:20-12:00 : Zoltán Lõrinczi and Mihai Gliga : Three dimensional morphology of the cerebellar Golgi cells.

12:00-12:40 : Erik De Schutter : Immunochemical properties of Golgi cells.

14:00-14:40 : Michiel Berends : The role of inhibition in processing in the granular layer.

14:40-15:20 : Soon-Lim Shin : Hidden temporal patterns in the spontaneous Purkinje cell simple spike trains.

15:20-15:40 : Coffee break

15:40-16:20 : Alain Artola : Synaptic plasticities: introduction to metaplasticity.

16:20-17:00 : Tibor Szilágyi : Variability in anatomical reconstruction techniques affects models of synaptic integration by dendrites.

To obtain more information about this workshop, please contact Tibor Szilágyi

People hwo attended the meeting