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Dr. Hans Ekkehard Plesser hans.ekkehard.plesser at umb.no
Sat Aug 25 01:51:58 CEST 2007

Scientific Software Developer

A full-time position as overingeniør (code 1087) or senioringeniør (code 1181) 
is available at the Depart­ment of Mathematical Sciences and Technology of 
the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The position is financed through a 
grant from the Research Council of Norway and is limited to four years.

The Computational Neuroscience Group at the Department of Mathematical 
Sciences and Technology of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences has just 
received a substantial grant under the eScience program of the Research 
Council of Norway (RCN): eNEURO - Multilevel Modeling and Simulations.  We 
are thus expanding our activities and are looking for a scientific software 
developer to support us in the development of advanced neuronal modeling 
software as part of the eNEURO project. For information on our group and the 
eNEURO project, see arken.umb.no/compneuro.

Our group presently consists of three permanent faculty members (Einevoll, 
Plesser, Wyller), two post-docs and four doctoral students, and will grow 
substantially in the next few years. We have close collaborations with 
experimental and computational neuroscientists at University of Oslo (Storm, 
Heggelund), University of California at San Diego (Dale, Devor), RIKEN Brain 
Science Institute (Diesmann, Grün) and the Honda Research Institute Europe 
(Gewaltig). We enjoy priori­tized access to the Norwegian national scientific 
high-performance computing resources as part of the eNeuro grant 

As a member of the NEST Initiative, we are closely involved in the development 
of the NEST simulator for large neuronal networks, one of the leading 
simulators in the field (www.nest-initiative.org). As a scientific software 
developer in our group, you will  work closely with scientists and other NEST 
developers on the development of the simulator and other software tools for 
modeling neurons and neural networks. You will also be involved in organizing 
data sharing tools to facilitate the collaboration among our project partners 
around the world. 

As an applicant, you are strong on advanced C++ programming techniques 
including parallel programming and experienced with Python. Experience with 
collaboration tools, e.g. code reposi­tories and wikis, is a plus. Applicants 
should have at least a M.Sc. in computer science, physics, mathematics or 
computational biology. The working language in our group is English. We would 
like to increase the number of women in our group and encourage women to 

The position is financed through the eNeuro grant of the Research Council of 
Norway limited to four years, starting at your earliest convenience and 
preferably no later than 1 January 2008.  Salary as overingeniør will be 
according to state salary level 49-56, depending upon your qualifications. 
Experienced candidates may qualify for employment as senioringeniør (senior 
engineer) with a salary according to levels 54-58 (NOK 394.500-424.000 p.a., 
approx Euro 49.000-53.000, USD 66.500-71.500). Please contact assoc. prof. 
Hans E. Plesser (+47-64965467, hans.ekkehard.plesser at umb.no) or prof. Gaute 
T. Einevoll (+47-95124536, gaute.einevoll at umb.no) for more information!

Deadline for applications: Friday, 21 September 2007.

Please submit your application either electronically via www.jobbnorge.no, ID 
code 41144, or by convential mail to Dept. of Mathematical Sciences and 
Technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, PO Box 5003, 1432 Aas, 
Norway. Please mark your letter with position code 07/1159. 

The Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) is one of Norway's leading 
institutes in the life sciences, including biology, food and environmental 
science, land use and natural resource management. Through education and 
research, UMB shall contribute to sustaining the livelihood of present and 
future generations. UMB is nationally and internationally extensively 
involved in research, education, information and innovation. UMB offers 
education at all academic levels. UMB has about 2900 students and 900 staff 
and is located at Aas, 30 minutes south of Oslo.

Dr. Hans Ekkehard Plesser
Associate Professor

Dept. of Mathematical Sciences and Technology
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

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