[Comp-neuro] Biological Cybernetics, vol 100, no 2

Walter Senn wsenn at cns.unibe.ch
Wed Mar 11 21:47:44 CET 2009

Biological Cybernetics, vol 100, no 2 -- Content

"Mathematical modelling of neuronal dendritic branching patterns in two 
dimensions: application to retinal ganglion cells in the cat and rat"
Dušan Ristanovic', Nebojša T. Miloševic', Herbert F. Jelinek, Ivan B. 
Page 97 - 108

"Bio-inspired grasp control in a robotic hand with massive sensorial input"
Luca Ascari, Ulisse Bertocchi, Paolo Corradi, Cecilia Laschi, Paolo Dario
Page 109 - 128

"An investigation of the phase locking index for measuring of 
interdependency of cortical source signals recorded in the EEG"
Andrei V. Sazonov, Chin Keong Ho, Jan W. M. Bergmans, Johan B. A. M. 
Arends, Paul A. M. Griep, Evgeny A. Verbitskiy, Pierre J. M. Cluitmans, 
Paul A. J. M. Boon
Page 129 - 146

"Learning flexible sensori-motor mappings in a complex network"
Eleni Vasilaki, Stefano Fusi, Xiao-Jing Wang, Walter Senn
Page 147 - 158

"Parabolic movement primitives and cortical states: merging optimality 
with geometric invariance"
Felix Polyakov, Eran Stark, Rotem Drori, Moshe Abeles, Tamar Flash
Page 159 - 184


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