[Comp-neuro] Biological Cybernetics, vol 100, no 3

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Sun Mar 22 22:53:27 CET 2009

Biological Cybernetics, vol 100, no 3 -- Content

A neurally plausible model of the dynamics of motion integration in 
smooth eye pursuit based on recursive Bayesian estimation
Author(s) Kameliya Dimova, Michael Denham
Online since January 30, 2009
Page 185 - 201

Bayesian models of eye movement selection with retinotopic maps
Author(s) Francis Colas, Fabien Flacher, Thomas Tanner, Pierre Bessière, 
Benoît Girard
Online since February 11, 2009
Page 203 - 214

Computer simulation study of the relationship between the profile of 
excitatory postsynaptic potential and stimulus-correlated motoneuron firing
Author(s) Maria Piotrkiewicz, Lydia Kudina, Michal Jakubiec
Online since February 13, 2009
Page 215 - 230

A computational framework for topographies of cortical areas
Author(s) Paul V. Watkins, Thomas L. Chen, Dennis L. Barbour
Online since February 17, 2009
Page 231 - 248

Learning to reach by reinforcement learning using a receptive field 
based function approximation approach with continuous actions
Author(s) Minija Tamosiunaite, Tamim Asfour, Florentin Wörgötter
Online since February 20, 2009
Page 249 - 260

Biological Cybernetics:  http://springerlink.com/content/100465/
vol 100, no 3: 

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