[Comp-neuro] Post-doc position in Cognitive Neuroscience

Mirta Fiorio mirta.fiorio at univr.it
Thu Jul 22 10:14:47 CEST 2010

Post-doc position in Cognitive Neuroscience

A post-doc position is available at the Department of Neurological, 
Neuropsychological, Morphological and Movement Sciences, Faculty of 
Motor and Sport Science, University of Verona, Italy. Research interests 
are focused on action observation, visual and motor learning, body 
representation in healthy subjects, as well as in patients with movement 
disorders (dystonia and Parkinson). Behavioral paradigms and 
neurophysiologic recordings (mainly TMS) are combined. The applicant is 
required to program and carry on new experimental protocols, to apply 
TMS, to analyze collected data, to assist undergraduate students in 
their first steps in the scientific field. For these reasons, applicants 
should have a strong background in cognitive neuroscience, psychology, 
neurophysiology and experience with experimental designs and statistical 
methods. Expertise with Matlab and TMS is required. Being inserted in a 
research team, the candidate should be able not only to work 
independently, but also to co-operate with other group members.

The position is funded for one year and can be eventually extended for 
another year.
Applications should include a CV with the academic achievements, a brief 
summary of research interests and a list of publications.
Deadline: September 15 2010.
Please send application to Dr. Mirta Fiorio: mirta.fiorio at univr.it

Mirta Fiorio, PhD
Dep. of Neurological, Neuropsychological, 
Morphological and Movement Sciences
University of Verona, Via Casorati, 43
37131 Verona Italy
Tel: +39 0458425124
Fax: +39 0458425131
e-mail: mirta.fiorio at univr.it 

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